What is Sierra Foothills Village?

"Would you like to remain in your home for as long as possible?"

If you answered YES, you are not alone.  About 90% of Americans over 65 would like to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Most do not want to rely on their children, friends or institutional settings to provide support.

The Sierra Foothills Village, serving communities in Nevada County, is a locally governed, non-profit membership organization that can help people “age in place.” Villages are “cyber,” enabling people to stay where they want to live.

Once we have “launched,” members can call one familiar phone number to receive assistance from people who know them. Members will get personalized help finding programs and services to make social connections, support health and medical needs, and promote independence and a meaningful life.

The Village is in its pre-launch development phase and will offer services in the next year.

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What is the Sierra Foothills Village?

The Sierra Foothills Village is part of a 15-year-old nationwide movement that is helping people remain safely and comfortably in their homes and communities as they age. Often, all that is required is occasional assistance with transportation, home chores, technical advice, grocery shopping or other tasks.

Or help trying to understand and navigate the many resources that already exist in the community.

Or a way to make and maintain social connections.

Today, we find that:

  • 33% of Americans have fewer friends than they did a decade ago
  • 28% do not know their neighbors
  • 25% live alone

How can a village help?

By being a focal point for caring and connection!  Our community is rich in programs, services and resources, including friends or family that may currently be helping us now find the assistance we need to stay in our homes. But as we age, our network of friends and other support may diminish. Local resources will change. It may be difficult to find help the ways we always have.

The Sierra Foothills Village will:

  • Foster and rejuvenate connections between people and to the community that they love
  • Know the changing array of resources in the community
  • Provide members with a single phone number to call when help or referrals are needed
  • Be familiar with each member, and keep track of their requests and the people who have provided services
  • Serve as a resource for family or others providing support, as new needs arise


The Sierra Foothills Village, serving communities in Nevada County, is a non-profit community-based organization that will help members remain safely and comfortably in their homes and community as they age. It will provide members with access to new and existing programs and services that foster connections to the community, support good health and medical needs, and promote independence and a meaningful life.

Village Values

The Sierra Foothill Village’s values show our commitment to help people safely age in their homes and be treated with dignity. They also highlight the Village’s core principles of trust and credibility in its operations.

Community - maintaining and reconstituting “community” by supporting new and existing friendships, caring behavior and social opportunities that enlarge and give meaning to life.

Independence - supporting sustainability of an independent lifestyle by offering timely connections to community resources, services and programs.

Interdependence - creating opportunities to spread kindness and foster neighbor-helping-neighbor, thereby encouraging interdependence among its members.

Volunteerism - encouraging volunteerism to foster personal ties, provide social contact and provide important services.

Advocacy - boldly representing the needs of those who wish to age in place and providing ongoing promotion of just treatment of our elders.

Trust - being reliable, trustworthy and transparent in all of our dealings and interactions and providing security to its members.

Inclusive - recognizing the diversity in race, sexual orientation, lifestyle and income that exists in our community in Village membership policies, programs and services.

Dedication - persistently working with clear purpose and kindness to realize the Village’s goal of helping people age safely and independently in place.

“Virtual villages offer advantages similar to life insurance, which is bought before it is needed…”  New York Times, November 2014

Building local alliances


The Village Founders, Board of Directors and Working Group members have met and are meeting with organizations that are already providing services and programs to people in the greater community. Like other Villages across the nation, we are developing the natural partnerships that exist between Villages and government entities, nonprofit organizations, local businesses and professionals.

The Village will not be duplicating these services. It will be a valued partner, providing a gateway for members to easily know and access local programs. Members can be directed to needed activities, services or referrals by calling a single phone number or accessing help directly using the Village’s database. The Village may also facilitate or offer new opportunities in response to members’ desires and needs.

Villages are helping to redefine what it means to age. Villages help reconstitute community.