Help Us Build Our Preferred Provider List

Our local surveys indicate that having a Preferred Provider List is important to prospective members. You can help us now to build that list by sharing the names and contact information for those providers you highly recommend.

Here’s How It Works

You Recommend: You can click on the following form to list the names and contact information for people you routinely use to perform important services, such as plumbers, electricians, gardeners, handy persons, Computer Repair Services, Financial Advisors, Pet Sitters and more.

We Vet: After receiving your suggestions, we will provide your providers with application guidelines and a form to fill out that includes names of people who can write them a letter of recommendation. Each person will be reviewed to assure that bonding, licensing and other requirements are up to date.

Members Evaluate: When a member uses a Preferred Provider from the list, the member will either be called or receive an email to evaluate the service received. These evaluations will be posted, with respect for reviewer privacy, so other members can read the reviews and make informed decisions.

Your Preferred Provider Recommendations:

Thank you for helping us build our initial list by sharing the names and contact information of those service providers you would highly recommend (ie gardeners, handypersons, plumbers, roof cleaners, estate attorneys, etc etc)

You may submit suggestions as often as you’d like.  Just fill out the form below and click the submit button.

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