Who joins a village?

Nationwide, many join a village while in their 50s to help form it, volunteer or enjoy social aspects of the village.  Many donate to the village to help advance its formation.

People who make greatest use of village services are normally age 75 and above. According to the 2010 Nevada County census, 46% of our population is 50 or older and 19% is above 74. Nevada County has one of the highest proportions of elderly in the state. According to the US Census, the 85 to 94 year-olds experienced the fastest growth between 2000 and 2010.

78 million members of the baby boomer generation are expected to live longer than previous generations.

What is the cost?

Eighty percent (80%) of villages have paid staff in order to complete necessary work and maintain continuity and credibility. Twenty percent (20%) are staffed entirely by volunteers. Obviously, the cost of even part-time staff will increase the operating expenses of the village. The average membership cost in California for individuals is about $475 per year; most villages offer a household membership discount.

If our Village hires staff, we anticipate our monthly membership cost could be about $40, close to the state average. It would be less than half that amount if we rely entirely on volunteers to deliver services.

The Sierra Foothills Village intends to have a financial assistance program, allowing those who need to join but lack the resources to receive help with their membership costs. We will rely on the generosity of our community to help finance this important program.

When will the Village be ready to “launch?”

We began developing the Village during 2016. Most villages take two to three years of development before they are ready to provide services.  We hope to provide some services in late 2018 or 2019.

We will be busy in the coming months speaking to service organizations and other groups to acquaint the community with the Village. Please let us know if your group would like us to make a presentation.  Click Here

Opportunities to learn about the Village will appear in local media and will be posted under events on our welcome page and in the Events section.

Where is the Village service area?

Some of the services offered to members will require volunteers. An area to be served must have enough of both to function. Our initial focus for memberships will be in the more populated areas of the West County:

  • Nevada City, a diameter 7.5 miles

  • Grass Valley, a diameter of 7.5 miles

  • Highway 174 Corridor

  • Lake Wildwood

The Village will work closely with people from other areas who would like to become members by holding meetings and other gatherings to develop both volunteer and member interest in the area. Some villages start small, then expand to cover much of a county. Please contact us if you are interested in seeing the Village in your area.  Click Here