Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What is the prime purpose of a Village?

To help seniors:

  • age in place in their homes and communities
  • live independently
  • maintain their social connections in the community
  • use available resources and volunteer help to fill personal needs

2)  Are there Villages in other locations? How many?

In the past 10 years, 230 Villages have opened in the U.S. and 130 more are currently in development. There are Villages in almost every state in the U.S. and several other countries. There are 60 Villages in California.

3)  What kinds of services will the Village offer?

By knowing the changing resources in the community, the Village can offer or refer to an array of services, such as:

  • social activities and community involvement
  • transportation to medical appointments or errands
  • home health care
  • pet sitting
  • technology assistance
  • preferred provider lists of professionals and tradespeople
  • and more

4)  I am healthy, I have community connections and I can afford to pay for services.  Why should I join a Village?

People who are vibrant, active and resourceful join:

  • To expand their opportunities for social connections and to assist others.
  • As a form of insurance for the future, knowing there will be connections for help and information in place before they need it.
  • To have a sense of security during a sudden health crisis, such as a fall, or community crisis, such as a wild fire.
  • To access our Preferred Providers, from handypersons to home health care providers.

5)  Is there a service area? Where do I have to live to get services?

The initial Village area is within a 7.5 mile radius around GV and the same around Nevada City, the Highway 174 corridor and Lake Wildwood. It will be open to other areas that express interest, if there are sufficient member and volunteer numbers to support the area.

6)  When will the Sierra Foothills Village offer services?

We are moving forward to “launch” in late 2018 or early 2019.

7)  How much are the dues? Does the amount have to be paid all at once?

Eighty percent of Villages have a paid staff to provide continuity and consistency of services. If our Village has paid staff, dues will likely be about $35 to $40/month. If we don’t have paid staff, dues will be considerably less.

8)  What happens if I cannot afford to pay the dues? Is there an assistance program?

Most Villages have an assistance program for people of limited means so that everyone who needs Village services can participate. We will have one, too. Our belief is that it is desirable to have diversity in income, age, culture, background, etc. in our Village.

9)  Are there social memberships which cost less than memberships where you receive full services and referrals?

We will have them if our Village wants them, and the fee will be less than full service memberships. The Village isn’t just about services, it’s also about maintaining friends and not being isolated. The Village connects people to their community and helps them feel secure when they do need services.

10)  Our community has plenty of resources. How do they relate to the Village?

The Village will serve as a clearinghouse, knowing what is already available. It will personally know you, helping to suggest referrals that are appropriate for you. The Village may offer services requested by members if none are available.

11)  Is there a limit on the number of service requests I can make?

Service requests, particularly those that rely on volunteers, depend upon the number of volunteers available. If requests exceed the number of volunteers, then a limit might be instituted. The vast majority of Villages have no trouble with fulfilling requests.

12)  Is there an age requirement to participate?

No. Anyone of any age can participate, but generally, it is people over 50 who join. If someone is 35 and needs the type of assistance our Village can provide, they are welcome as long as they meet Village membership requirements.

13)  “I would like to have live-in help. What would the Village offer to me?”

When the time for live-in help arrives, it is not unusual to need a variety of services, such as transportation, connection to friends, assistance with bathing, shopping and meal preparation, or walking the dog. This normally involves more than one type of helper and even this person will need to be able to find the right resources for you. Help from the Village is a phone call away.

14)  Why should I volunteer? What are the benefits of volunteering?


  • There is a joy in knowing that you are helping others.
  • Recipients have better quality of life and a chance to stay in the home that they love.
  • You are “paying it forward” so that when you need services, the Village will be there for you.
  • We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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