Membership Benefits

By making it easy to take care of routine needs, villages are making it possible for people to have more choice and control over their lives as they age.

Sample membership benefits.

We are now learning what our potential members might want or need. Here are examples of what other “seasoned” villages offer through their community or village resources. We will start small and respond to member suggestions as we are able. With village membership, you will NOT need to find or keep up with changing community programs and services; the village does this for you.

Village Office

One familiar phone number to call or email for assistance
Familiar staff and volunteers to personalize service


Medical appointments
Errands like shopping, banking, and more
Social events


Notifications of social events and activities
Presentations about timely topics
Formation of or connection to local book clubs, walks or game groups

In Home Support

Technology needs
Assistance with meal preparation
Pet walking or sitting
Changing batteries and lightbulbs, etc
Preferred provider list for repair or other services
Village discounts

Personal Assistance

Insurance issues
Access to health care providers and services
Help transitioning from hospital to home
Daily phone call check-ins

Click Here to fill out a survey to indicate the kinds of services and programs you’d like to see. There will be space for written comments.